2016 - Bachelor’s degree of Physical therapy,
             Mae Fah Luang university

2016 - Certificate of Basic Life Support, topic : CPR/ AED/ Nutritions by goldenbell fitness
2017 - Personal trainer at Fitjunction studio
2018 - Certificate of Weight Training Injury in Lower Extremity, Fixme clinic
2018 - Functional Therapy and correction technique in spinal dysfunction
2018 - Muscle Testing in Upper Quadrant for personal trainer (instructor), Fixme clinic
2018 - Muscle Testing in Lower Quadrant for personal trainer (instructor), Fixme clinic
2018 - Certificate of Improving in Clinical Research and Clinical Practice V,
             Management of lower quadrant problem
Physio Boat
Sawit Tantai Phy.
กภ.ศวิษฐ์ ตัณฑัยย์
About Me
Dr.pornphun Parnpeansin MD.
พญ. พรพรรณ พานเพียรศิลป์